November 03, 2014

Robert D. Jornlin: The Return of LST-325

During the winter of 2000 a small group of Navy veterans brought back one of the last remaining Landing Ship Tanks to the United States. This specific Landing Ship Tank, designated LST-325, saw service in World War II at such places as Salerno, Normandy, and the Cotentin Peninsula.


Robert Jornlin, raised and schooled in Earlville, tells the story of bringing this aged and battered relic of WWII back home across the Atlantic Ocean. His book, Bringing Back A Hero: Return of LST-325, was released in December 2014 and tells the complete story.

From Top and L to R:


1.?, Robert Jornlin, Bruce Carter, ?

2. Robert Jornlin, Jerry Englehart

3. Robert Jornlin

4. Bruce Carter, Laverle Carter



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